About Me

Hi there ! Welcome to Spicy Tadka Twist !

My name is Alka and the voice behind Spicy Tadka Twist ! I just love to cook and love spices and that special tadka in my food. The recipes that you see on this blog and the photographs are created by me. My husband Amit helps me taste-test these recipes.


This blog has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food recipes. The aim is to have some zany crazy recipes which you can enjoy and hopefully impress a lot of people. That’s where it all started for me !

I was born in Chandigarh, got married and travelled all over the world. After ten years and two sons, we are now back in Gurgaon.  I love the energy and the style quotient of this place.

When I am not running around managing my kids (schools, hobby classes, sports classes etc.) then you will find in my kitchen trying to cook and experiment. Most demanding are my kids who want something different, special and tasty for each meal. Very tough customers indeed ! Needless to say I try hard to keep them away from junk food and give them something different ! created and cooked by me.